CURRENT TEAM Mark Howarth, Professor of Protein Nanotechnology

Mark did graduate work in molecular immunology at Oxford University Institute of Molecular Medicine and Southampton

University Cancer Sciences. In his postdoctoral work at MIT he developed tools in chemical biology, advanced microscopy and

nanotechnology to understand receptor trafficking. He has been a PI at Oxford since 2007. In 2017 he was awarded the Royal

Society of Chemistry Norman Heatley Prize for chemical biology. He is a founder of SpyBiotech and Director of Entrepreneurship

for the Biochemistry Department. His work has been funded by ERC, BBSRC, EPSRC, MRC, Wellcome Trust and through

collaborations with companies including AB Vista, QinetiQ, Sekisui Diagnostics and Sony.

Jisoo Jean, DPhil student

JJ studied Biology at Imperial College London. She is now carrying out an iCASE studentship in partnership with AB Vista,

establishing generic routes to ultra-resilient enzymes for nutrition and biotransformation. She was also appointed Social

Secretary of Oxford Biochemical Society (OBS).

Irsyad Khairil Anuar, DPhil student

Irsyad is from Malaysia and did his MRes at Imperial College London. During his DPhil so far he has established Spy&Go

technology (Nature Communications 2019) for capture and team-building to enhance protein function.

Anthony Keeble, PhD from UEA

Anthony is applying library selection and structure-based design to the engineering of fast-reacting and unbreakable protein


Arne Scheu, DPhil student

Arne did his MSc at KAUST and came to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. He is harnessing bacterial protein reactivity towards a

new approach in therapeutic delivery.

Niels Wicke, DPhil student

Niels, originally from Germany, did his BSc at the University of Edinburgh and came to Oxford as part of the Interdisciplinary

Biosciences Doctoral Training Programme. He has an iCASE studentship with AB Vista and is establishing evolutionary platforms and

proteins allowing targeting in the gastrointestinal system. While in Oxford, he co-founded Inulox and has been mentoring Oxford’s

iGEM team.

Sheryl Lim, DPhil student

Sheryl did her undergraduate training at Imperial College London. In Singapore she researched therapeutic targeting of tumour

suppressors and came to Oxford in 2018 on an A*STAR studentship. She is investigating and re-engineering a mammalian PTM,

towards long-lasting therapeutic delivery.

Hung-Jen Wu, DPhil student

Hung-Jen originally trained in Economics and Mathematics and then did an MSci on DNA methylation in cancer at Georgetown

University. He is enhancing the generation and design of nanoparticles to improve immune responses and vaccination.

Rolle Rahikainen, PhD from University of Tampere

Rolle did his undergraduate training in Tampere, Finland and his graduate research investigated force-dependent responses in the

cytoskeleton. He is currently establishing platforms for more potent vaccines, focused on malaria.

Dominic Wood, DPhil student

Dominic studied Biology at the University of York and took part in the iGEM competition in 2017. He is currently on the

Interdisciplinary Biosciences DTP.

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FIND FORMER MEMBERS Robert Wieduwild, Group leader at Rudolf-Schönheimer-Institut für Biochemie, University of Leipzig, and founder of spin-out denovoMATRIX

Apurba Koner, Assistant Professor at

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Jayati Jain, co-founder with Trutech Webs and the Fluid Motion

Kanlaya Prapainop, Assistant Prof. at Mahidol University, Thailand

Anne-Marie Andersson, CTO at vaccine/immunotherapy spin-out InProTher

Theodora Bruun, Stanford Medical School

Bijan Zakeri, Merck EMD Serono

Jacob Fierer

at Weizmann Institute

Gianluca Veggiani at University of Toronto

Michael Fairhead at Structural Genomics Consortium, University of Oxford

Paul Moody at Oxford Nanopore

Catharina Melzer at Hannover Medical School

Alberto Carella at Micklefield lab, University of Manchester

Anselm Schneider at Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie, Berlin

Felix Metzner, Gene Center at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Chris Schoene at Hoffmann Eitle Patent

Emily Chittock at Carpmaels & Ransford Intellectual Property

Linda Tchatchouang at Phenomenex

James Ross at University of Leeds

Karl Brune, co-founder Genie Biotech and consultant

Can Buldun at Roche

Raphael Gayet at MIT Microbiology Program

Georgi Nikov at Imperial College

Michael Jacobsen at Navigen Pharmaceuticals

Anusuya Banerjee at Oxford Nanoimaging

MH Irsyad JJ Anthony Arne Niels Sheryl Hung-Jen Rolle
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