Rodney Porter The
Rodney Porter
Memorial Lectures
Model of C1q presented to the speaker

The Rodney Porter Memorial Lectures were inaugurated in 1998 as the premier event in the scientific calendar of the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, and take place in the Department of Biochemistry main seminar room.

The lectures were named after Rodney Porter, Nobel Laureate 1972 and Head of the Department of Biochemistry 1967-1985, in recognition of his outstanding contributions both to scientific research and to Oxford University.

21st Rodney Porter Lecture


Professor Ian A. Wilson, D.Phil, D.Sc, FRS, FRSE Hansen Professor of Structural Biology, Chair Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology, Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology, US

Towards Design of Universal Influenza Vaccines and Therapeutics


Tuesday 9th April 2019

Main Seminar Room, New Biochemistry Building

20th Rodney Porter Lecture


Professor Tom Rapoport,
Professor of Cell Biology,
HHMI Investigator,
Harvard Medical School.

Mechanism of ER-associated protein degradation (ERAD)


Tuesday 8th May 2018

Main Seminar Room, New Biochemistry Building

19th Rodney Porter Lecture


Dr. Richard Henderson, FRS
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology,
Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Cambridge.

The cryoEM revolution in structural biology


Wednesday 24th May 2017

Main Seminar Room, New Biochemistry Building

18th Rodney Porter Lecture


Professor Austin G Smith, FRS, FRSE
Medical Research Council Professor and Director,
Wellcome Trust-MRC Stem Cell Institute, University of Cambridge

Principles of pluripotency: from the ground state up


Tuesday 10th May 2016

Main Seminar Room, New Biochemistry Building

17th Rodney Porter Lecture


Dame Professor Carol Robinson, FRS
Royal Society Research Professor and Doctor Lee's Professor Elect at the University of Oxford

"Two decades of structural biology in the gas phase"


Thursday 28th May 2015

Main Seminar Room, New Biochemistry Building

16th Rodney Porter Lecture


Peter E. Wright

"Intrinsic protein disorder and signaling complexity"

15th Rodney Porter Lecture


Gabriel Waksman

"Transport through bacterial membranes: structural and molecular biology of secretion systems"

14th Rodney Porter Lecture


Kay Davies

"Duchenne muscular dystrophy: from gene to therapy" <

13th Rodney Porter Lecture


Peter Ratcliffe

“Signalling oxygen levels in cells”

12th Rodney Porter Lecture


Elizabeth Blackburn

“Telomeres and Telomerase: responses to their perturbation”

11th Rodney Porter Lecture


Roger Tsien

“Genetically encoded and synthetic molecules for in vivo and clinical imaging”

10th Rodney Porter Lecture


Frances Ashcroft

“Ion channels and diabetes: a rollercoaster ride”

9th Rodney Porter Lecture


Kim Nasmyth

“The chemistry of chromatid segregation: bound together by a ring and separated by a protease that cleaves it”

8th Rodney Porter Lecture


Edwin Southern

“Is there Life in Genomics?”

7th Rodney Porter Lecture


Sydney Brenner

“Biological Complexity and Protein Biochemistry”

Postponed from 2004 due to illness

6th Rodney Porter Lecture


Paul Nurse

“Controlling the Cell Cycle”

5th Rodney Porter Lecture


Andrew McMichael

“Towards an AIDS Vaccine: Science, Trials and Tribulations”

4th Rodney Porter Lecture


Stanley Prusiner

“The Mad Cow Crisis”

3rd Rodney Porter Lecture


Richard Lerner

“Antibodies Yesterday - Antibodies Today - Antibodies Tomorrow”

2nd Rodney Porter Lecture


John Gurdon

“From Clones to Signals: The Redirection of Cell Fate”

1st Rodney Porter Lecture


John Walker

“The Rotary Mechanism of ATP Synthesis”