Micron research aims to:

  1. To create a unique community and infrastructure allowing outstanding research groups to address key questions in their fields using advanced imaging tools such as super-resolution microscopy and single molecule imaging in living cells. Our overarching goal is to use light microscopy to study "vivo biochemistry". In other words to observe and interfere with biomolecules in the context of living cells.
  2. To develop and apply new bioimaging technologies. Micron associated groups have been using advanced microscopy methods to tackle major biological problems in a number of fields in cell biology. These include: chromosome and RNA biology, development, epigenetics, stem cells, non-coding RNAs, intracellular trafficking and signalling.
  3. To forge links and collaborations with a variety of other overlapping disciplines that have an outstanding presence in Oxford, including: systems biology, physics, engineering and computer sciences.

Advanced Bioimaging

Research in micron involves technology development in all aspects of microscopy: specimen preparation, probe development, instrument development and image analysis. However, we are focusing on the following approaches:

Image Analysis

We have two major goals in terms of image analysis in Micron: firstly, to encourage and help researchers to adopt the best available image analysis tools and workflow; and secondly, to develop transformational new imaging tools and apply existing cutting edge methodologies.

Current activities include:

  • Setting up computer infrastructure and software
  • Developing an efficient workflow for super-resolution data
  • Preparing image analysis lecture and course material
  • Development of SIMCheck our our Image J plug-in that allows users to apply quality control to their Structured illumination super-resolution systems.
  • Developing an improved particle tracker and adding functionality to MicrobeTracker
  • Development of 'ParticleStats' software for the analysis of analysis of intracellular particle motility and cytoskeletal polarity

Developmental microscope systems

  • DeepSIM - upright 3D-SIM microscope that uses adaptive optics for imaging deep in living specimens while allowing easy manipulation (microinjection and electrophysiology).
  • OMX-T Cryo SIM/STORM system which enables super-resolution imaging of frozen samples, providing significant gains in specimen preservation and photo-stability.
  • 4Pi-SMS single molecule interferometric microscope - dependent on funding
  • Lattice Light Sheet Microscope - dependent on funding

Publication Highlights

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