Rainer Kaufmann



Rainer has a strong background in the development of new methods in the field of super-resolution single molecule localization microscopy and is currently working in a joint project between Micron and Kay Grünewald's lab (based in STRUBI) on correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM).

His main focus of interest lies on super-resolution fluorescence cryo-microscopy, a field which has just been opened up (Chang et al. (2014) Nat. Methods; Kaufmann et al. (2014) Nano Lett.), and the correlation of this technique with electron cryo-microscopy. Imaging vitrified (fast frozen) samples allows studying fine structural details in their native cellular context, which cannot be accessed in living cells, or which are affected by chemical fixation methods.

Rainer is also working together with Errin Johnson, who is running the electron microscopy facility at the Dunn School for Pathology, to develop new methods in the field of super-resolution CLEM of resin embedded samples using cryofixation and freeze substitution. This technique presents a compromise that lies in between the ultimate structural preservation of imaging vitrified samples under cryo-conditions and room temperature imaging of chemically fixed samples.



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