Micron-associated research groups

There are around a dozen core Micron-associated research groups based across several Oxford departments. These groups interact closely with the Micron staff and help guide decisions about facilities and research.

Ilan Davis - Micron Director

Ilan Davis Ilan Davis works on the mechanism of mRNA transport and localized translation in Drosophila oocytes and neuromuscular junctions.

Jordan Raff - Deputy Director

Jordan Raff The main goal of Jordan Raff's research is to understand how centrioles and centrosomes function at the molecular level. Jordan's CV.

Neil Brockdorff

Neil Brockdorff Neil Brockdorff's work is focused on X chromosome inactivation, the process mammals use to equalise levels of X linked genes in XX females relative to XY males.

Kim Nasmyth

Kim Nasmyth Kim Nasmyth studies the mechanism by which chromosomal DNA molecules are held together via entrapment within cohesin rings.

Christian Eggeling

Christian Eggeling Christian Eggeling works on the application and development of ultra-sensitive, live-cell super-resolution fluorescence microscopy techniques.

Marco Fritzsche

Marco Fritzsche Marco takes a highly interdisciplinary approach to investigate cytoskeleton-driven cellular processes in immunity and disease.

Dave Sherratt

Dave Sherratt
Dave Sherratt's research is aimed at understanding how DNA replication, recombination and chromosome segregation shape bacterial chromosome organization in the context of the living cell.

Kay Grünewald

Kay Grünewald Kay Grünewald applies electron cryo tomography (cryo-ET) in combination with other techniques to analyze the the interaction between viral protein complexes and cellular structures in the course of the infection.

Yvonne Jones

Yvonne Jones Yvonne Jones studies the structural biology of cell surface recognition and signalling complexes.

Jane Mellor

Jane Mellor Jane Mellor studies how non-coding RNAs, higher order structures in chromatin and histone modifications influence the response to changes in nutrient availability and therefore longevity in S. cerevisiae.

Matthew Whitby

Matthew Whitby Matthew Whitby studies Genetic recombination and DNA repair in eukaryotes.

Rob Klose

Rob Klose Rob Klose studies the epigenetic regulation of chromatin function.

Doug Higgs

Doug Higgs Doug Higgs works on how mammalian genes are switched on and off during differentiation and development.

Mark Howarth

Mark Howarth Mark Howarth's research goal is to develop new chemical and biological approaches for imaging cellular function and for diagnosis.

Judy Armitage

Judy Armitage Judy Armitage investigates the dynamics of bacterial sensory transduction and the control of bacterial motility.

Vincenzo Cerundolo

Vincenzo Cerundolo Vicenzo Cerundolo studies the mechanisms that control the cell-cell interplay required for optimal expansion and activation of tumour-specific T cell populations.

Veronica Buckle

Veronica Buckle Veronica Buckle studies the relevance of nuclear organisation to gene expression during erythropoiesis.

Shankar Srinivas

Shankar Srinivas Shankar Srinivas studies cell Movement and fate during mammalian embryogenesis.

Mike Dustin

Mike Dustin Mike Dustin studies the immunological synapse using advanced imaging techniques .

Nick Proudfoot

Nick Proudfoot Nick Proudfoot studies the molecular process that divides one gene from its adjacent gene partners, in particular the mechanism of transcription termination.

Liz Robertson

Liz Robertson Liz Robertson exploits mouse genetics to investigate cell interactions underlying mammalian development and immune recognition.

Micron microscopy development group leaders

Sergi Padilla-Parra

Sergi Padilla-Parra Sergi studies the quantification of the spatio-temporal regulation of cell-factors controlling endocytic routes during virus entry.

Martin Booth

Martin Booth Martin Booth's research centres on the development of adaptive optics, with an emphasis on applications in optical microscopy.

Achillefs Kapanidis

Achillefs Kapanidis Achillefs Kapanidis studies mechanisms and machines of gene expression using single-molecule biophysical methods and biochemistry, and develops single-molecule fluorescence methods, assays and DNA-based biosensors

Stephan Uphoff

Stephan Stephan is a Henry Dale Research fellow based in biochemistry

Nanoscopy Oxford

Nanoscopy Oxford (NanO), a new initiative funded mostly by the MRC to develop novel super-resolution imaging modalities to address key questions in the field of biomedical research. Research in NanO is closely co-ordinated with that carried out in Micron.

Mick Phillips

Mick Phillips NanO Postdoc.

Mantas Žurauskas

Mantas Zurauskas NanO Postdoc in Adaptive Optics

Micron Alumni

The following people associated with Micron have now moved on to take up other positions

Mark Leake

Mark Leake Mark Leake has now moved to York University as Anniversary Chair of Biological Physics.

Graeme Ball

Graeme Graeme is now the image analysis specialist at the University of Dundee Light and Electron Microscopy Facility

Maria Frade

Maria Frade Maria was a NanO Postdoc working in Adaptive Optics and has now moved into industry.

Eva Wegel

Eva Eva has now moved to the John Innes centre

Douglas Russell

Douglas Douglas was an OME software Developer working closely with Oxford Micron

Justin Demmerle

Justin Justin is now a DPhil student on a joint Oxford / NIH programme

Antonia Goehler

Antonia Goehler Antonia was a NanO Postdoc. She has returned to Germany to take up a place in industry.

Sebastian Schubert

Sebastian Schubert Sebastian was a NanO Postdoc in non-linear SIM and RESOLFT microscopy. He has now moved to finance.

Cassandravictoria Innocent

Cvic Cvic was a Micron postdoc shared between Micron and the Schermelleh lab. She is now the Assistant Director of Microscopy and Principal Associate Scientist at Boston Children's Hospital, Cornell University.

External bioimaging contacts

We are also working with a number of groups and projects outside the Oxford area. These include:-


OME, the Open Microscopy Environment: The Open Microscopy Environment (OME) is a multi-site collaborative effort among academic laboratories and a number of commercial entities that produces open tools to support data management for biological light microscopy.

Micron Staff

Ian Dobbie

Ian Ian is the Lead Technical Developer

Lothar Schermelleh

Lothar Lothar is a Micron Research Fellow (with particular interest in super-resolution microscopy and nuclear organisation)

Andrew Jefferson

Andrew Andrew is the Micron Facility manager

Maryam Qurashi

Maryam Qurashi Maryam is the Micron image analysis specialist

David Pinto

David David is the Micron Software Research Engineer.

Rainer Kaufmann

Rainer Rainer is a Micron postdoc working on correlative light-em, (with particular interest in localization microscopy)

Alan Wainman

Alan Alan is a Micron postdoc responsible for the Dunn school bioimaging light microscopes

Richard Parton

Richard Richard is a senior postdoc working for Ilan Davis

Carina Monico

Carina Monico Carina is the Assistant Micron Facility manager

Staff Associated with Micron

Kseniya Korobchevskaya

Kseniya Korobchevskaya Kseniya is a post-doc working with Marco Fritzsche and Mike Dustin on advanced, bespoke microscope development and is based at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology