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RDF (G(r)) database

We have a database for RDFs (g(r))s from our publications using liquid diffraction techniques which can be downloaded here. If you are interested in adding your g(r)'s to our database - from experiments or simulations - you would be most welcome. Please let us know if you would like to add something or can't find the g(r)'s you need by emailing Sylvia directly at

If you cannot find what you need in the Database, feel free to send Sylvia an email!

Literature on neutron scattering:

There is a wealth of information on the ISIS website complete with movies that show a a Spallation Neutron Source operates and the latest science to come out of ISIS. 

Prof. Roger Pynn
(at Indiana and Oak Ridge National Lab) wrote a nice Neutron Primer a few years back.  Here is a link to one of his presentations on the subject. (pdf). 

Books to look at include:

Elementary Neutron Scattering by DS Sivia (on
Amazon and Oxford University Press)

Local Structure from Diffraction
Amazon) SJL Billinge and ML Thorpe, Eds.

Useful links for Neutrons

Delight in Disorder- a website where both the GUDRUN (Neutron data analysis program for amorphous materials) and the EPSR (Empirical Potential Structure Refinement) simulation program can be downloaded.  

ISIS Neutron and Muon Source (STFC, UK)

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