Welcome to the McLain Group!

Picture by Ric Gillams (November 2016)

We are a multi-disciplinary group interested in the biophysics of how real biological systems function and form on the atomic and molecular level. 

Our group is interested in understanding the interactions between biological molecules in physiologically relevant environments at the level where these interactions occur - the atomic and molecular level.   By using a combination of both experimental and computational techniques  to probe the interplay between biological molecules  from the angstrom scale (10-10 metres (Å)) to the nanoscale (10-9 metres)) we are working towards a better understanding of how biological processes occur in nature.

We have a variety of equipment we use in our lab in Oxford, click on the  picture of Ric (with Cholesterol) below to learn more about out facilities.


We also use neutron scattering with isotopic substitution techniques to discover the underlying structure present in biological solutions.  We often use the facilities at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source (STFC, UK). 

Nicola and Dr. Sam Callear (SANDALS instrument scientist (STFC, UK)) adjust the sample cell height for our experiments on peptides in solution.

More details of the research we do and multiple techniques we use are available on the Research page and who we are on the Group Members page.  We are always happy to hear from potential post-docs and students as our group is in the process of expanding.