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Welcome to the homepage of Mark Howarth’s lab in the

Department of Biochemistry at Oxford University. We work on

innovating Protein Nanotechnologies for Cancer Analysis and

Immune Activation. Inspired by extraordinary molecular features from

the natural world, our research develops new approaches for disease

prevention, diagnosis and therapy, as well as for fundamental insight

into how biological systems function.

NEWS........ ...Sheryl, Irsyad and Arne selected for final of London Start-up competition ...Anthony to present at Affinity 2019 in Stockholm ...Recent Nature paper on HIV vaccine by Bjorkman lab using SpyVLPs ...Irysad wins Dept prize for most popular poster! ...Mark will be lead mentor for Oxford’s iGEM team 2019 ...Lab held cherry blossom party for 2019 ...Irsyad’s Nature Comm Spy&Go out ...Welcome to Rolle joining the lab! ...New playlist “Music to make Vaccines to” on lab’s YouTube channel. ...Dept Entrepreneurship Event: top prize to James and JJ. ...Two papers just out: congrats Theo, Robert and Anne-Marie! ...Lab golf/fishing event won by Anne-Marie, Robert, Anusuya. ...Georgi wins prize for outstanding Part II research project. ...JJ won Oxford Interdiscip Bioscience Enterprise and Innovation Award! ...SpyInfo linked to all papers/patents using isopep. technology. ...TED talk by Bijan describing some of lab’s technologies. ...Interview by SETI for US radio/ podcast. ...Protein alphabet at Nature Struct&Mol Biol. Images to download and movie here
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